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Chair Manufacturer, Dealer & Supplier in Mumbai

Welcome to our website- ChairWalaIndia.com. This is your new online gateway to the fabulous and diverse services and products that we have on offer for you and your associates.

Here, in addition to finding out more about us and what we do, you will also discover the singular pleasure of having found- in a single package, as one can say- a manufacturer of chairs, as well as an organisation which repairs furniture damage and restores the artefact in question to such condition that all evidence of the damage ever having occurred is obliterated.

Furthermore, you will also discover about our owner and benefactor, Mr Ram Kumar Poddar, who has been in this business for a staggering period of 15 years and has obtained valuable and irreplaceable experience in manufacturing and repairing chairs. It is his guiding hand, his firm convictions towards building a credible, reliable and honest business, and the fact that he uses his immense experience to guide and advise us in our myriad business endeavors that is the cornerstone of our success as a business organization.

At the present moment, we carry out our business operations from two major cities in India. Mumbai, the industrial and commercial capital of India, houses our headquarters. We also have a branch at Pune, which is a growing and thriving city that is increasingly becoming a new and vibrant seat of commercial and industrial endeavors.

So, dear visitor, do feel free to explore this website to find out more about us, our range of products and our services.