SC01 – Sofa Chair


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Sofa Chair is the modern name for the traditional armchair. Although the sofa chairs are uniform in their basic structure, additional cosmetic designs enable them to be divided into a number of categories. Some notifiable categories are the armchair, high-backed chair, winged chair, plush chair, etc.

These chairs are ideal for the home living room or home study and library. One can just sit in them and get lost in the comfort that one feels and the companionship of a good book or movie. However, these chairs are finding increasing use at the reception and waiting spaces of offices, banks and other types of organisations which are seeking to provide their customers and with increased comfort and a sense of belonging

These chairs are made from the finest foam cushions and covered with leather in order to facilitate a classic and elegant look while resulting in an increased lifetime for the furniture. These chairs, however, are very bulky and require at least two persons to move them. They do not, as a rule, come with any wheels or swivel function.

Sofa chairs are distinguished by their prominent armrests, and the ample head and back rests which contribute to the bulk, but also provide increased comfort and rest after a hard day. In short, if you are looking for highly comfortable yet elegant furniture for your home or office reception, then sofa chairs are the way to go.


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